Whisper Me This… SONG!

So, if you guys follow me via Instagram, then you already know how much I LOVED Whisper Me This by Kerry Anne King. I couldn’t put it down and when I did have to put it down I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

When you read the book, not if, when, you’ll come to a part where the title finally clicks into place. Whisper Me This is a song.

A bone-chilling song that I memorized while reading it again and again.

I love when a book I’m reading comes with a playlist. Whether it be the songs the author listened to while writing or if there’s an actual album to go along with the book, I freaking LOVE it, simply because I love music as much as I love books.

Thanks to Brandon Schafer, Kerry’s son, Whisper Me This is now an actual song!!

For more about Whisper Me This, book and song, click here!

To Download Whisper Me This by Brandon Schafer for FREE, click the link below!

Download: Whisper Me This – Brandon Schafer

Copyright Brandon and Kerry Schafer

Lead vocals and guitar: Brandon Schafer

Back up vocals and cello: Keadrin Cain

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