*Re-Blog* Blogger Spotlight #10 | Ashley & Sabrina @ 5171 Miles Book Blog

I thought this was such a unique interview! I love the ladies at 5171 Miles Book Blog!


Okay, this is what happens when you leave the parameters of a guest post wide open. You get two extremely creative best friends who decide to interview each other for their spotlight! Instead of us coming up with generic questions that mean nothing to them, they came up with their own questions and then asked each other. How incredibly creative!

Where are Ashley & Sabrina?
Instagram | The Blog | Twitter | Goodreads (Sabrina) | Goodreads (Ashley) | Facebook


Q1 – What are your favorite genres?
Ashley: I will try almost any genre as long as the story is interesting. My favorite genres are Contemporary Romance and Suspense / Thrillers, however, I also love Memoirs, Biographies and Christian non-fiction.
Sabrina: My favorite genres include New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Thrillers and Suspense books, as well as a few Young Adult and Dystopian books here and there.

Q2 – How do you…

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