Liz Monroe’s Canvas Notes

Liz Monroe’s debut, The Beauty of Chaos, released last year and I fell in love with her writing, her characters and her as a person! She writes stories that haven’t been told before. Stories that make you wish you could read again for the first time just to feel it all once more.

The Love in Chaos is set to release this year and while we all wait patiently for book two, she just rewarded us all the first chapter in Canvas Notes, a book she’s writing and publishing one chapter at a time.

If it involves art and music, I’ve gotta have it.



Sometimes the person who changes your life the most, isn’t the one you end up with.

Serenity Ann Evans transferred schools to focus on her art and her ability. Free tuition to paint the sounds she could see was the dream.

Then Wilder McAllister Jennings burst into her life with his perfect voice creating colors that never looked so vibrant.

Music and paint tangled in each other, they were each others muses. Unable to separate their feelings from their art, his voice bleeds onto the canvas and her paint colors his songs. Creating their best when together, they soon learn what it means to suffer for your art.

Canvas Notes | Chapter 1

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