April Book Cover Challenge Schedule


Let’s fill our feeds with even more beautiful book covers! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AprilBookCoverChallenge AND tag us @pageafterpagebookblog

DAY 1: A book with one word as the title

DAY 2: A book with a white cover

DAY 3: The book you recommend to everyone

DAY 4: A book that made you laugh

DAY 5: A book you almost didn’t buy because of the cover

DAY 6: Bright and beautiful cover

DAY 7: A close-up cover

DAY 8: The sixth book on your bookshelf/kindle

DAY 9: A book that revolves around WWII

DAY 10: A book with a bland/simple cover but great story

DAY 11: The book that made you fall in love with reading

DAY 12: A book with flowers on the cover

DAY 13: A book with a dark, gloomy cover

DAY 14: A book with a red cover

DAY 15: A book you purchased solely based on the cover, but haven’t read yet

DAY 16: A book you wish would be turned into a movie

DAY 17: A book that made you cry

DAY 18: A book you’re waiting for, but hasn’t been released yet

DAY 19: Your favorite series

DAY 20: A book with a character’s name as the title

DAY 21: Favorite book from your favorite author

DAY 22: Favorite childhood book

DAY 23: Bold and blue cover

DAY 24: Illustration cover

DAY 25: Nature cover

DAY 26: A book that revolves around music

DAY 27: A book with a couple on the cover

DAY 28: Favorite YA cover

DAY 29: A book with numbers in the title

DAY 30: A book with a long title

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