Review | Her Last Day by T.R. Ragan

Rating: 5/5 stars

I grabbed this book from the library solely based on its unique cover and it was everything I’d hoped it’d be. When you say page-turner, this is what book comes to mind. The layers of this book are endless.

T.R. Ragan is a new-to-me author that quickly made her way to my favorite author’s list. The way Ragan tells a story is incredible. She gives you just enough from each character to hold you over until their next appearance and then rips the ground from underneath your feet when you’re convinced you’ve got it all figured out.


I have a paper filled with my thoughts while reading this book. Sure, characters names and book facts are scribbled everywhere, but I also tried to make a few predictions as well. Most of them are crossed out and a few have tiny little question marks next to them since they haven’t been answered.

Luckily, this is just the first book in the series. I’m sure I’ll have a few of my questions answered in book two, Deadly Recall.

Like, is Ben a cold-blooded murderer or is that what Ragan wants me to think?

A keep-you-up-all-night thriller that’ll have you begging for the next book!


T.R. Ragan | Goodreads

T.R. Ragan | Amazon


Her Last Day | Goodreads


Her Last Day | Amazon


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