Review | Mister Cowboy by Rebecca Jenshak

Rating: 3/5 stars

A little note: This book does NOT contain cheating. I read a few reviews that stated the male lead cheated and he did NOT cheat. 

This is a really hard book for me to review, so let’s start there. With indie authors, it’s always a hit or miss for me. I either love and devour the story or I realize within the first chapter that it’s garbage.

I’ve never read Jenshak’s work before. I had zero expectations going in. I didn’t think I’d make it past the first few chapters, to be honest. But I did.

Hello, Mister Cowboy!

So I began reading and I was pulled into this cute, romantic story that the author had set up. I was surprised at how well-written it was. I was blown away. It’s very rare that I find an indie author’s writing that I actually enjoy. I LOVED Jenshak’s writing! I cannot say that enough. She has the potential to write amazing, one-of-a-kind romance novels. Which is why I’ll continue reading what she publishes.

However, and it’s a big however, Mister Cowboy went south quickly… and not in a cowboy kind of way. One minute I was reading a romance novel that had an amazing, developed back story and then the author begins inserting random sex scenes that were so poorly placed and completely out of character that I began questioning the entire book.

It felt as if the author wrote the perfect, five-star romance and then went back and thought sex would make this book better.

It didn’t. It’s what made this book like every other Indie. 

January Lyle is likable, independent and knows what she wants. Her best friend Michael is just as likable if not more so than she is. He’s funny and reliable. You know, the best guy friend. The one you dated and realized it was purely platonic so you friend-zoned his ass. Yep, that’s the one.

Don’t worry, he finds someone and I’m only guessing here, but I assume his book is to come.

Perhaps, Mister Bartender?

Let’s talk about Mister Cowboy himself. He was sweet at times, jealous, a total dick and just about everything in between. I wanted to like this guy. I really wanted to, but I didn’t.











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