Review | Black Bullet by L.D. Rose

Rating: 5/5 stars

L.D. Rose is a goddamn paranormal genius. A sick and twisted genius, but a genius nonetheless. Just when I think she can’t write anything better than what I’ve already read, she surprises me.

Releasing the Demons is the first book in The Order of the Senary series and before you even think about reading Black Bullet I strongly suggest you start with book one, strictly for informational purposes. Before reading Black Bullet you’re going to want to understand this world the author created. 32716471

If you’ve read L.D. before, then you already know how impressive her writing is. Black Bullet’s as action-packed as the rest, if not more and romance did NOT take a backseat. The spotlight remains on main character’s Jon (Black Bullet) and Lawan for the majority of the story, only sneaking in side characters when absolutely necessary.

Lawan’s past is graphic and well-written. You can feel the pain she’s been through. It’s cringe-worthy and it’s what makes her the badass she’s become. She’s tough and independent and determined to take down those who’ve taken so much from her.

“She was as dead now as she was then, except this time, she walked free.”

Then there’s Jon Kerr, a former FBI agent turned vampire. The world thinks he’s dead, but that’s not the case. Jon was struck by a bullet, dead until two of the Knights saved him by turning him into a vampire, generously allowing him to keep his soul.

The fact that I have to wait for Vermillion Lies, book three in the series, kills me! If you like dark, PNR books, then this book is for you! Brace yourself.


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Black Bullet


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